Business Model

The Importance of Team Playing

Special emphasis is made on the fact that the key to our success is not only INVAP’s exceptional trajectory, but also the essential support of the Argentine Government, local authorities, and the Governor of the Province of Rio Negro, Mr Alberto Weretilneck.

Another significant contribution is the support of the National Government and Mr President Mauricio Macri throughout all negotiations, as well as the Minister Head of Cabinet and the Ministry of Energy and Mining through the Undersecretary of Nuclear Energy, and the unrestricted support and close bonds with the National Atomic Energy Commission (CNEA).

INVAP is proud to work in close cooperation with all members of the Argentine Scientific and Technological field. Our achievements are the result of INVAP’s constant collaboration with several related organizations and institutions throughout more than four decades.

This project reinforces a key concept for the company’s development: a “business model” which relies on Argentina’s talents to carry out technology projects and to further compete in international markets.